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About Us

And So...

a musical about jesus & those who chose to follow

7pm on Friday May 3rd.
2pm & 7pm on Saturday May 4th.

Limited seats available.

Reserve Seats Here.

Free admission, with an opportunity to support the creative worship ministry at Central Presbyterian Church.

When Godspell meets Hamilton meets Les Miserables… this musical is different than any other you’ve seen! Breathtaking harmonies, spoken word storytelling, captivating movement, beautiful melodies, character-driven plot, and more!

“And So…” gives its audience a glimpse of the completely human & completely life-changing presence of Jesus. The characters range from well-known (Peter/Judas/MotherMary) to lesser known (healed leper/formerly blind person/Martha and Mary). The script and score address the before, during, and after of each character’s transformative interactions with Jesus (and the Trinity as a whole.)

“And So…” explores the question: ‘What now?’ In other words, ‘now that I’ve been forever-impacted, what do I do with it?’ It challenges its audience to feel deeply, see the story from new perspectives, and think beyond the shortened narrative of ‘He died and rose again.’

This show runs about 1.5 hours & does include some violence- probably not appropriate for children under 10. Parental discretion encouraged.

This musical is intentionally diverse. May you feel known, seen, and loved.

Featuring local talent!

Written and Composed by Erin Adams.

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Cast by character

Trinity: Rafina Oquendo (1st Person), Kevin Sencion (Jesus), Kristen Adams (3rd Person)​

Judas: Sam Little

Peter: Joshua Hadik

Pontius Pilate: Andrew Mowen

Mary Magdalene: Erin Adams

Tyfla: Jocelyn Merriman

Martha: Jennifer Good

Asthenia: Andrea Hadik

Apista: Shalisha Nason Kerr

Enklimio: Luke Oyler

Mary, Mother of Jesus: Maria Banks

Mary of Bethany: Lauren Zook

Longinus: Keric Ellis

Meet The cast

Copyright Erin Adams

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