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CPC YOUTH Ministry

Youth Ministry at CPC empowers youth in their relationships with Jesus Christ, each other, and their community.


Building relationships through fun and time together, while realizing that God's love and salvation is a gift that was given to all.

Andrea Hadik, Youth Director

Want to learn more? Reach out! Email me or text/call me at 717-446-7322.


YAC (Youth At Central)

YAC is a community of people who are inclusive and loving. Everyone is welcome and included no matter their race, gender, sexuality, or faith. We share the way of Jesus and expect it to impact each life in a positive life-changing way.

YAC is at 6pm most every Sunday. Join us for Food, Fun, and Faith!

Youth Sunday School

Sunday school is a time to learn about how our faith can be relevant in the world which we live. Expect snacks, games, a short lesson, and reflection journaling.

Youth Sunday School is during the Sunday School hour most every Sunday.


i1seventeen works to provide educational opportunities for all people within our community. They often host book studies on topics such as faith, disability, awareness, and the refugee experience. All ages, including youth and teens, are welcome to join in learning experiences.

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